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Services & Rates

 In-Your-Home Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services
 Zoo Sitters offers vacation pet care, dog walks, potty breaks for pets who are home alone for long hours, companionship, play time, and hotel/B&B pet sitting.

Simply choose the amount of time you need and the time block when you'd like for us to arrive:

Anytime: 7am-9pm
Morning: 7am-9am
Late Morning: 10am-12pm
Afternoon: 1pm-3pm
Late Afternoon: 4pm-6pm
Evening: 7pm-9pm

You choose how many times a day we visit.

Pet Sit

The Pet Sit service is for dogs, cats, birds and exotics. It can include yard time or  walk for your dog, feeding, fresh water, litter and cage care, play time, companionship and our electronic visit notes. It can be used for vacation pet care or just when you will be away from home for long hours. We can also bring in your mail, newspaper, packages, adjust your lights and blinds, water your plants, and even take out your trash.                                                 

60 Minutes: $38 
45 Minutes: $30 
30 Minutes: $24
15 Minutes: $20 
Add $2 for each additional pet.

 Recurring Sit

The Recurring Sit service is for clients who book with us at least once a week (Mon-Fri), the same days every week, on a monthly basis. This service requires a 3 month commitment and is only offered between the hours of 10am-3pm (Late Morning Block: 10am-12pm & Afternoon Block: 1-3pm) and can include yard time or walk for your dog, feeding, fresh water, litter changes, play time, companionship & our electronic visit notes. This service is scheduled on your behalf by our office with a 3 month projection to ensure the best chances at availability.

  60 Minutes: $36  
  45 Minutes: $28  
30 Minutes: $22
15 Minutes: $18

Add $2 for each additional pet


Custom Sit


The Custom Sit service is for clients that have care requirements that do not fit into our normal allotted times. These clients will have their custom pricing and allotted time uploaded into their online account and will simply select the time blocks they need. Custom sits only apply to farms, hotel/B&B pet sits & exotics and need to be approved before scheduling.


Home Safe Service 

 Zoo Sitters' Home Safe Service can provide valuable peace of mind when you are away. It's a great option for clients who would like for us to ensure they have returned home before ending service.

Here's how it works:  


1. Choose the Home Safe Service from the online system when you book your sit. Select it on the date and in the time block by which we would need to hear from you to ensure you have made it home safely.

2. If we do not hear from you by the end of the time block you selected, we will call you, at the number(s) listed in your Contract to see how you'd like us to proceed.

3. If we do not get in touch with you, we will engage a sitter to get to your home as soon as possible and your normal sitting schedule will resume. Each sit after contact is attempted will be charged a Last Minute Fee of $10 in addition to the cost of the sit.

4. If we do not hear from you within 48 hours, we will begin to call your Emergency Contacts and make arrangements for your pets to go to your Evacuation Contact.

$5 per appointment


Additional Fees 

Last Minute Fee: There is a $10 fee added to any visit that is booked that is needed for today or tomorrow.

Supply Pick Up Fee: If you should run out of supplies while your pets are under our care, we will pick them up for you. You will be charged the cost of the supplies plus a $20 fee. 

Holiday Policy: Zoo Sitters cannot accommodate visits longer than 15 minutes (or 30 minutes, if extensive feedings are required) on major holidays. We do not provide hotel or B&B pet sitting services on major holidays.

Holiday Surcharge: There is a $10 surcharge added to each visit scheduled on the following holidays: New Years Eve, New Years Day, President's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.


Cancellation Policy: CLICK HERE