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Meet Our Crew

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Hi! I'm Vanessa, the "Top Dog" here at Zoo Sitters! As a former zoo keeper, my passion for the care of animals runs deep. Honored as the Pet Sitter of the Year by Pet Sitters International, I take the care of your pet very seriously.  I look forward to getting to know you and your pet to ensure you both receive the best experience possible when working my crew and me. I have my Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Animal Behavior, am a Certified Professional Pet Sitting through Pet Sitters International, was a certified Instructor of Pet First Aid and CPR through Pet Tech from 2013-2018 and received my certification in Pet First Aid and CPR through Pet Pro in 2017. I am a resource for each and every one of my employees and pride myself on continuing to educate them in professional pet care as they continue their employment with Zoo Sitters. Additionally, my years as a corporate manager have helped me understand the importance of customer service, responsiveness and reliability. I am a professional speaker within the pet industry and for many years provided consulting services to pet sitters looking for help in reaching their business goals. I currently have two rescue Pit Bulls and a wonderful rescue kitty! As a Zoo Sitters client, you can always feel comfortable reaching out to me directly any time you need. I am always available to answer any questions, address any concerns, or simply to help you with pet care and behavioral tips. I look forward to having you as part of our family!

Hello, I'm Betty. I came on board as a Cape May County Field Manager for Zoo Sitters in 2007 after a lifetime in Corporate America. I have always felt a connection with animals and have shared my home with hunting and show dogs but my specialty and passion lies specifically with cats and birds. The crew calls me the Cat Whisperer! I received my first pet first aid certification through the American Red Cross in 2008 and in 2010 received my first training in pet first aid and CPR through Pet Tech. I've attended numerousPet Sitters Internationals conferences where I take continuing education classes in cat care, bird care, pet nutrition and geriatric pet care. I have also furthered my pet care education by taking additional seminars in pet nutrition, have extensive training in cat behavior as well as parrot care. I have attended the Pet Industry's trade show as well to keep up to date on the latest products for my clients. In 2016, I became Zoo Sitters Marketing Director, responsible for all marketing efforts in both Atlantic and Cape May Counties. I still pet sit for my cat clients in Cape May County as well.


My name is Caitlin. I joined the Zoo Sitters team in 2016 and received my pet first aid and CPR training that same year. I have lived in New Jersey all my life and now reside in Ocean City. I grew up with animals and loved every second of it!  I have cared for so many types of animals throughout my life, including: hermit crabs, fish, geckos, guinea pigs, parakeets, rabbits, cats, dogs, ducks, chickens, guinea hens, goats, pigs, horses, cows, and more! I grew up in a family that always viewed caring for animals as a part of life. We were constantly rescuing stray cats that were abandoned, getting them spayed/ neutered, and making sure they had their shots. Most of them could live outdoors, as we lived in a farmhouse off the beaten path, with no traffic.  As a young girl, I volunteered at a no-kill animal shelter in Washington, NJ called Common Sense for Animals. I also helped raise money, along with food and item donations for the animals at the shelter as a project for my Silver Award in Girl Scouts. I have worked at two dog kennels/ dog daycare facilities, as an assistant dog trainer and overall caretaker. I spent most of my time on horse farms as a girl, riding horses and taking care of them. I rescued a foal at the age of nine and with the help of my mom, raised him to be a wonderful horse. When he was old enough to ride, I trained him and showed in hunter-jumper, and then in dressage and eventing. Animals are an essential part of my life and I consider them "friends" and "family members" rather than just pets. Outside of my animal life, I work a corporate job for a large company, so I understand the importance of outstanding customer service! I am excited to meet you and your furry (or feathered) friends and to put your mind at ease that they will be well cared for while you are away! 


Hello! My name is Erica and I joined the Zoo Sitters family crew in 2017. Yes, I am the runt of the litter, but throughout my entire life I have always been surrounded by animals and they have always brought me so much joy. From dogs to cats to rabbits to ferrets, you name it, they are all such amazing companions. Whether it be playing catch or learning new tricks or simply going for a long walk, engaging with animals is truly what I love most. I currently work at Esthetica Salon and Spa in Northfield and in my down time I volunteer at Beacon Animal Rescue in Marmora. I recently moved to Ventnor from Tempe, Arizona, so I'm extremely excited to get to know some of the pets in my new community. I will care for your pets exactly how you would so that both you and your furry friends have one less thing to worry about. 

Hi,  I’m Helen and I joined the Zoo Sitters Crew in 2015. With over 40 years of pet care experience, I promise to treat your pet family with the same love and care as I treat my own “kids”. Raised in Ocean City, I now reside in Clermont with my husband, our 3 cats, 4 ferrets, a gecko and one “opinionated” parakeet. I’ve been trained in Pet First Aid & CPR since 2015 and am passionate about emergency disaster preparedness. My family personally assisted with Hurricane Andrew and Super Storm Sandy rescues. My home has always been a refuge for forgotten pets. I've had field trained Labradors, litters of kittens, wayward pigeons and rabbits. Our three (human) children have grown up with ducks in our bathtubs, turtles in the living room and ferrets playing in the bedrooms. I have extensive experience with the special needs of ferrets, land & aquatic turtles, domestic & feral cats and of course, large dogs. My second love, well third if you count my husband, is creating mixed media art at my RRCA Art Studio in Millville, NJ. “Painted Lady Studio” has been around almost as long as my love for wildlife and pets. I'm looking forward to taking care of all your pet sitting needs. 


Hi, I'm Joel.  I came on board with Zoo Sitters as a part-time Pet Sitter in 2011 while retaining my Corporate job as an Oracle Senior Analyst. I have grown up surrounded by pets and can't imagine not caring for those in need. My youth was spent on a farm giving trail rides and taking care of my family's horses, ferrets, dogs, cats, parrots, fish, frogs and ducks! I've been a vegetarian for over 20 year and have a strong passion for animal rescue. While I maintain my training in Pet First Aid and CPR through Pet Tech, I also assist in training the class with Vanessa. While I still do part time pet sitting, I'm also the Zoo Sitter's Office Manager. I help keep the day to day operations of Zoo Sitters running smoothly. It's my job to make sure we stay up to date with the latest pet sitting technology and I handle the Zoo Sitters email inbox on a part time basis. You may be getting emails from me and I look forward to providing you with top-notch customer service.



Hi, I'm Kathie! I came on board with Zoo Sitter in 2017 and received my pet first aid and CPR certification through Pet Pro that same year.  A resident of CMCH and Wildwood Crest for nearly 20 years, I am originally from West Chester, PA, where I received a BA in Liberal Studies with a minor in Psychology. Married with one son, I am an animal lover to the core. My 100lb. lab and Maine coon can attest to that! From an early age, through my teens, I worked on various farms, riding and caring for horses and livestock, always returning home to a resident dog and several cats. I worked for many years as a recreation therapist and a marketing and admissions director within long-term care and rehabilitation facilities. Most recently, I served as the board secretary at Cape Christian Academy,  assisting with their admissions and development. While I consider myself a people person, I've always been happiest in the presence of animals, my first love. Walking my dog Indy is the highlight of my day. Both of us, happy to be outside, getting exercise, we cover a lot of ground, usually over 3 miles. In spite of this busy regimen, I have plenty of energy and enthusiasm to go the distance walking or caring for your dog with the same passion and devotion.


Hi, I'm Kat! I'm originally from Mickleton, NJ, where my love for animals began! Growing up, we always had pets, including a basset hound, cats, birds, fish, and rabbits. I moved to North Cape May in 2015 where I now live with my husband, two stepdaughters, and our lab mix Abby and I came on board with Zoo Sitters in 2016! I received my pet first aid and CPR training through Pet Tech that same year. My previous animal experience includes volunteering with cats at a Petco store through the Camden County Animal Shelter. I worked adoption hours where we met with prospective adopters, along with taking care of the kittens and cats staying at Petco. My hectic schedule at the time (I worked at CBS News in NYC and commuted from South Jersey) took me away from volunteering, but now that I live in Cape May County full time, I wanted to continue working with animals in my free time. My current full time job is in advertising with a local paper. My dog Abby is my reason for wanting to work with animals. I know how much I treasure her, and I would only leave her in the best care possible, so I would like to provide that for others! I look forward to working with you!


My name is Kimberly and I live in Wildwood Crest.  I moved here in 2007 from Manassas, Virginia with my husband and our 2 cats and fish. As a child, our home always had some kind of “fur running around” as my mother likes to say.  Most days consisted of waking up with a kitty fast asleep in my bed, taking the dogs for a walk, and calming down a squawking green amazon parrot until I shared with him whatever I was eating at the time.  I was born and raised in Conshohocken, PA where I had the challenge of walking our 3 dogs up and down steep hills through all kinds of weather. I loved every minute of it! I also have a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science and work in the Clinical Laboratory at Cape Regional Medical Center. I am a volunteer with Friends of Cape May Wildlife Refuge and I participate in various charity walks.  When I am not working or volunteering, you can usually find me walking the beach, riding my bike, or gardening. I came on board with Zoo Sitters in 2013 and I am excited to be able to bring to you my love of dog walking and pet sitting.  I've had extensive training in loose leash dog walking techniques and pack management as well as my training in pet first aid and CPR through Pet Tech which I've held since 2014.

Hi, my name is Lauren. I joined the amazing Zoo Sitters crew in 2016 as a pet sitter and became an Atlantic County Field Manager in 2017. I grew up in Ventnor and have always had a passion for animals. From long walks on the beach, playing ball, car rides, and cuddling, I cannot imagine growing up without a dog. I was also fortunate to grow up having a Cockatiel, fish, hermit crabs, hamsters, and a mouse my sister caught outside! It's amazing how much love and joy animals bring into our lives. I currently works at Atlanticare but have really felt the need to be more involved with animals which brought me to Zoo Sitters. I have three dogs and would love to be able to rescue animals and donate as much time possible trying to help ones in need. I've been trained in Pet First Aid and CPR through Pet Tech since 2016. I feel all animals deserve to be treated with love and I'm looking forward to the amazing opportunity of caring for your pets!


Hi, my name is LeEtte. I joined the Zoo Sitters team in 2017 and earned my pet first aid and CPR certifcation through Pet Pro that same year. Originally from Warminster, PA, I moved to Cape May County in 2001. Animals are, and always have been, my purest joy in life! After nearly 10 years in the cleaning and hospitalities field, I woke up one morning and realized that the brightest part of my work day was enjoying the company of my clients pets while I cleaned up after them. My circle of animal friends and family include dogs and cats of all sizes, parrots, chinchillas, guinea pigs, sugar gliders, hermit crabs, turtles, lizards, and fish! My childhood dream was to become a veterinarian and live on a farm with my small army of large breed dogs. I have every intention on furthering my pet education. Your pets safety and well being are my first concern, but earning their trust and friendship is also immensely important to me! I'm looking forward to meeting your pets and making your day a little less stressful.


Hi, my name is Patty and I have lived in South Jersey all of my life,  in Buena for 18 years.  After working for more than 20 years in condo management, I wanted to turn my focus on helping animals and their owners, which led me to coming on board with Zoo Sitters in 2016 as a Field Manager for Atlantic County. I earned my training in Pet First Aid and CPR through Pet Tech that same year. From turtles, snakes, lizards, fish, guinea pigs, birds, cats and dogs, I have spent my life rescuing them all.  I may have already met you if you've visited Petsmart during adoption weekends where I help animals find their forever home. With my first Akita, I completed three years in various dog training methods and we worked with  owners who have deaf dogs on how to use hand signals. I love walking dogs and find it to be an excellent way to relieve stress and enjoy the one on one connection you have with the animal.  I live my life trying to meet my dogs expectations of me and start each day asking for the strength to be half the person my dog believes I am!  I've stopped counting the number of cats I've had during my life. I don't consider myself the crazy cat lady, although some may disagree.  Every animal I have met has taught me something special. I look forward to getting to know your pet and seeing what they can teach me next. I am excited to share my passion for pets with you. 


Hi, my name is Sarina! In 2017, I moved from a small town in Bloomsburg, PA and now reside in Ventnor. I was then lucky enough to stumble across Zoo Sitters shortly after and came on board in September! I'm so grateful for this opportunity to work with such an accredited company who shares the same passion as I do - Animal Care! Since I live in an apartment that doesn't allow pets, Zoo Sitters has given me the chance to fill that void and take care of pets as if they were my own! My love of animals ranges from all shapes and sizes. I've owned a toy poodle and rescue cat and also conducted pet sits for 4 Dachshunds while I was living in PA. Talk about having your hands full! I loved every second of though! In 2017, I also became certified in Pet First Aid and CPR through Pet Pro! Other than my love for animals, I also love volunteering at our local charity events back home for both MS and ALS. Both my father and brother have been affected by MS, so I try to help any way I can. Being a business major when I was in college and having a sense of corporate world has taught me a lot, but my true passion is taking care of animals. I'm so excited to be a part of Zoo Sitters and look forward to meeting you and caring for your pets!