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The Barking Blog

The Barking Blog

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Are Car Harnesses Really Safe For Your Dog?

The topic is up for debate again after NRMA insurance conducted tests in Australia where they claim a number of popular harnesses were deemed to not be effective in restraining pets during low-speed crashes. This isn't the first time harnesses have come under attack. Back in 2011, the Center for Pet Safety tested four harnesses using the same standards that are used for testing car seats for children. The results concluded in a crash of 30 miles per hour, all four harnesses failed. Thankfully, no live animals were used in the testing but the results should still make the public take notice. While harness companies appear to be willing to better their product and many do take a hard look at evidence resulting from independent testing, harnessing your pooch may not be the answer we are all looking for quite yet. The studies have shown that while some have been effective in restraining the pet, they do little to actually provide safety to your pet during a crash.

So, should your pet still be confirmed or restrained during car travel? Absolutely. Keep in mind that an unrestrained pet in a car crash, becomes a projectile. This could result in additional injury to the pet but could also injure those inside the car.  Also, keep in mind that dogs who are allowed to keep their heads outside of car windows can suffer emergency injuries such as amputated tongues and damage to the eyes. Doggie seat belts also help prevent distractions to the driver.

So what's the answer? While harnesses have benefits at this time, they simply aren't providing the concept of safety we are all expecting. Hopefully as the demand for pet safety products continues to grow and the public continues to be educated on the claims made by the companies involved, harness companies will have no choice but to continue down the path of a better product for our furry friends.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Zukes Bought Out By Nestle Purina ~ Another One Bites The Dust

We am so disappointed to relay the following information.

Our beloved Zukes has been bought out by Nestle Purina. Bleh!

As you may know, we are not proponents of such acquisitions. Usually they result in a slow, systematic change in ingredients while keeping the same branding and marketing in place. This results in the public purchasing what they think is the same product they have come to know and love, when really,  it's not the same product at all. This has happened with so many once amazing brands.

Comments posted on Petproductnews.com have been mostly negative according to Pet Product News International.  Some retailers have stated, "I will never purchase Zuke's again" to "I will definitely have to stop selling Zukes" and I don't blame them.

We always recommend to clients who wish to continue feeding the brand once it gets purchased by a large company,  that they keep a close eye on the ingredients with every single bag you purchase. When the ingredients change, you will not be notified and it will be up to you, as the consumer, to decide if you want to continue to purchase the brand. Additionally, do continual research online as while the ingredients may not change, the source of the ingredients and the ways in which the ingredients are processed may. This can have negative effects on your pet without you even knowing the issues are stemming from the "same" food you've been feeding for years.

It was back in May 2010 when we first posted the blog regarding the sale of another beloved brand, Natura to Procter and Gamble. I felt it was worth another post as well.

May7, 2010 ~ It has been announced that Natura is being bought out by Procter and Gamble.

Natura currently produces brands such as Innova, Evo, California Natural, Healthwise, Mother Nature and Karma. These foods will all now be produced by this large company.

While P&G has assured Natura that nothing will change, keep in mind that both Iams and Eukanuba who are also owned by P&G!

Something to think about....

Keep in mind what kind of company Procter and Gamble is! Below is a list of their top selling items, considered their "Billion Dollar Brands"

Do I want these folks in charge of my pet's food!? No way.

For those of you currently feeding these foods who want to move off of them, head into The Wagging Tail down in Erma (337 Route 9, Erma - 609.886.5999) and talk to the staff there. They will be happy to counsel you on the changes taking place and help you find a comparable diet for your babies.

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